Venus Retrograde 2017 - love fearlessly.

            Venus Retrograde – March 4, 2017 at 13 Aries through April 15 at 27 Pisces.

Just now, I googled the words Venus Retrograde 2017 to see what kind of stuff would emerge. Buzz phrases like instant attraction, whirlwind romance, and money come up. And while some layers of this could emerge, the goddess of Venus invites us to travel more deeply into the space of our heart.

Unlike Mercury’s cycle, which goes retrograde three times a year, Venus only goes retrograde once every eighteen months.  All planets have the capacity to go retrograde, that is excluding the Sun and Moon (which are considered planets in Astrology.) Viewed from  Earth, it appears as backward motion when a planet is in a retrograde phase. You can picture it as being in a car next to a train. Both of you are moving forward, but if the train is moving more slowly than you, it will appear as though its moving backwards. This is why the illusion of backward motion appears while a planet is in retrograde.

I have spent these past few mornings in the warm Colorado sun, listening to Alice Coltrane (a fabulous jazz artist who embodies the feminine) and writing in my journal. As this retrograde period has been deepening, I am taking note of the patterns around me. Some of you may know that since the sun moved into Pisces, I stepped away from social media. I made a promise to myself to fully be emerged in the physical world, in what I want to connect to. Lots of insights have welled up in this period, which I will delve more deeply into in a video. But one thing that has awoken is this desire to get cozy with the things that I love. My passions. 

Listening. I have been asking a lot of questions. My readings have shifted from a space of trying to tell people what I think is going on, and instead ask them questions as to prod more deeply, like a scalpel, into what is really alive for them. This filters outside of the space of readings of course. But in my experience, to really open the self is to gently peel away my own rigid beliefs, is to actually listen to the truth on all sides of you. To approach life with a constant attitude of curiosity.

Venus is starting her journey in the sign of Aries. This energy invokes the image of a warrior goddess. We must allow the goddess to speak now! I believe we are living in an over-masculinized culture to a great extent. The focus is often to do more, be more productive, even meditate for the sole sake of being a more efficient cog in the wheel (for more on this, I recommend the article Beyond McMindfulness by Ron Purser and David loy).

What are the things that you love? That you would do in this life, regardless of if you were paid to do so? Venus rules these things. She asks big questions about the nature of connection. I have noticed a hell of a lot of heartache on all sides of me. People asking if relationships that have been present in their lives are right anymore. People are desiring deeper connection to community, to those few friends who can really offer emotional intimacy as opposed to the huge group of acquaintances. Really feel into the space that constricts you from connection, holds you back from letting in love. Venus isn’t all flowers and unicorns, guys.

I have been confronted with the space of the void. In the past, it has been easier to numb this space, to exercise, listen to music or podcasts, to mess around on social media, or get stoned. But during this period, it has become painfully obvious when I am doing this. It has confronted me with my relationship to my own heart.

Are you friends with your own being? Or are you merely an acquaintance to him/her? Ask how you are showing love to yourself. Venus is in charge of the heart space. What comforts you?

At this time, it is extremely ripe to do things that take you back to this heart space. The connection that you have to the core of this earth. The goddess is associated with both the sign of libra and Taurus. The kind of love mostly seen by this culture is the Libran kind, as in romance and pretty things. But she also invites us to delve into the Taurean kind of love. How close are we to nature? What keeps us grounded on this earth?

What you feed and take care of during this time will take shape. Now is not the time to push forward. Though a lot of clarity may well up, practice the art of noticing and being with feelings without having to necessarily take action about them.  At the end of this period, it may be wise to go forward with projects in that fiery, productive way that you may be itching for. But for now, take now to enjoy the creative process. Marinate in it.

I asked a fellow astrologer, the wife of my Kirtan teacher, at the beginning of this retrograde, if she had any insights to share. The words that came from her were simply, love fearlessly. Reflecting up on this, it truly embodies the warrior spirit. Aries is all about firsts. Being the first to discover, to light something on fire. Use the spirit of that fire to be curious about this time. About what keeps you from the connections you truly desire. Use this clarity to get in touch with what your heart, which sits in the middle of our chakra system and bodies, really wants. Quite literally, this is a time of centering.

Quiet your mind. Go into nature without your devices. Do anything that takes you back to a primordial space. Then your heart may feel the courage to come out of the dark if it resides there.

Consider that there is a universe within the person you are locking eyes with, just as vast and colorful as your own. It is a whole saga to venture into if you so desire. This will help you connect to what is opposing Aries, which is the air sign of libra. I believe that playing with opposites can help us understand the voice of a certain energy more clearly.

Consider that you might never feel ready to love. That there may always be a feeling that you need to be better, more loveable, before surrendering to another. But the truth is that this earth, this Venus goddess, loves you unconditionally. Love is not built upon conditions.

So go do what it is that you love. I will continue to make music, write, wear clothes that make me feel beautiful, do yin yoga, and appreciate the little purple flowers that are coming out of the shyness of winter. Honour the goddess. Happy equinox, I love you. 

Liv PhoenixVenus, retrograde